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1. Home page. The Shrinking Sea. Screen print of Shrinking Sea
2. Home page. Salton Sea 360 Image  https://saltonsea.me/saltonsea-360-image/
3. Home page. Find Salton Sea History.  What happed in 1500 AD?    How many times larger was the Salton Sea then? 
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4. Home page. Do a screen print on the “Salton Sea” mind map on the home page.
5. Get Involved. Copy a link to a video on the mud volcanos at the Salton Sea
6. What is the Pacific Flyway? Show me the Pacific Flyway map from Latin America to Alaska.
7. Get Involved. Where is the Ladder Canyon and the Painted Canyon? Text a picture
8. Home page. What is your Air Quality Index? Check the Air Quality in Mecca, 92254? The menu across the top of the site has “Check Air Quality”
9. Home page. Who is the Queen of the Salton Sea?

  1. Home page. Glossary. How many bits of PM10 dust fit into the size of a human hair?

11. Get Involved. What is the International Banana Museum? Where is it?