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The Salton Sea & Me website is an independent “go-to” resource for exploring the problems and proposed solutions of the Salton Sea crisis.  

As the Salton Sea shrinks, and toxic air proliferates, air quality will continue to deteriorate. Air pollution will bring big problems for health, tourism, recreation, and real estate in Southern California and beyond for years to come. Please watch this  Salton Sea Shrinking video. 

The challenges of the Salton Sea are many and often seem impossible to solve. However, movement is finally underway, as some politicians, at last, are showing a sense of urgency to resolve the issues.  For example, the Imperial County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a Proclamation of Local Emergency for Air Pollution at the Salton Sea. This is a big step forward, after years and years of inaction resulting from bureaucratic barriers to progress.  Governor Newsom responded quickly with commitments to deliver specific results.  See: CNRA-CalEPA Imperial County Letter (01-06-20)

From our Salton Sea & Me website, you can voice your concerns by participating in our regular polls and surveys. You can then turn your voice into meaningful actions in our Getting Involved section of the website. 

Salton Sea Mind Map

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As Salton Sea Shrinks, experts fear far-reaching health consequences

USC researchers are exploring how losing California’s largest lake could affect the respiratory health of people throughout the Imperial Valley and beyond. 

Salton Sea Authority Ready to Move Beyond Studies

Governor Gavin Newsom proposes millions from next year’s budget to help restore the Salton Sea, but will those millions be put to use soon? Kitty Alvarado has an exclusive interview with the general manager of the Salton Sea Authority for insight on the money spent over the years and progress on the restoration project proposed.