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The Salton Sea & Me website is an independent “go-to” resource for exploring the problems and proposed solutions of the Salton Sea crisis.  

As the Salton Sea shrinks, and toxic air proliferates, air quality will continue to deteriorate. Air pollution will bring big problems for health, tourism, recreation, and real estate in Southern California and beyond for years to come. Please watch this  Salton Sea Shrinking video. 

The challenges of the Salton Sea are many and often seem impossible to solve. However, movement is finally underway, as some politicians, at last, are showing a sense of urgency to resolve the issues.  For example, the Imperial County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a Proclamation of Local Emergency for Air Pollution at the Salton Sea. This is a big step forward, after years and years of inaction resulting from bureaucratic barriers to progress.  Governor Newsom responded quickly with commitments to deliver specific results.  See: CNRA-CalEPA Imperial County Letter (01-06-20)

From our Salton Sea & Me website, you can voice your concerns by participating in our regular polls and surveys. 

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About 40 million get Colorado River water

Ian James The Republic | azcentral.com PHOENIX – Scientists have documented how climate change is sapping the Colorado River, and new research ...
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New Liverpool Salt Works

n 1893, George Durbrow and investors incorporated the New Liverpool Salt Company at Salton, on the Southern Pacific main line, ...
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A likely but hidden corona virus risk factor : Pollution

The Denver skyline is shrouded as pollution fills the air in this 2019 file photo. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Jamie Smith Hopkins, Environment Editor and Senior Reporter  March 27, 2020   Center for Public Integrity, co-published by Mother Jones.

Sue Mullins is an outdoor person. She gardens and takes her dog for long walks but there are high ozone levels. 

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Lithium Startup backed by Bill gates

seeks a breakthrough at the salton sea

      Sammy Roth     March 16, 2020  Los Angeles Times

David Snydacker knew going in that California’s Imperial Valley was a “graveyard for lithium-extraction technologies.

For years, companies had tried and failed to find a cost-effective way to pull the valuable mineral — a key ingredient in the batteries that power electric cars — from the naturally heated fluid deep beneath the Salton Sea.

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